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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Publicity for Bee Groups, Events, etc.

Whatever your interest in bees and beekeeping, you might wish to notify others of events and special occasions that relate to bees.

*Are you a program secretary for your local apiarist group? You might be having a special "show and tell" event with a beekeeper showing the workings of a bee hive.

*Are you a shopkeeper who specializes in bee and honey merchandise? Notify customers of new items coming into your shop, or which farmer's market you will be at in future weeks.

*Are you an beekeeper as a hobby? Let your holiday greetings show your enthusiasm for bees.

*Are you an environmentalist? Send out messages of concern for the plight of the local bee environment. Logo
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Here is a selection of cards that you could use to send invitations to a club meeting, store event, or just to express your love of bees.

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