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Friday, February 25, 2011

Labels or Stickers for your business or hobby.

Below are some labels available for direct purchase, or editing on-line before ordering, to fit your business needs.
Order graphic labels only and personalize them on your own printer or type writer.

 Mailing labels come in these sizes:

* Return Address labels 0.75" x 2.25", sheet of 30
* Address labels 1.25" x 2.38", sheet of 18
* Shipping labels 2" x 3.75", sheet of 8

see more labels here

Here are some round stickers available in two sizes
* Small: 1.5" round (20 per sheet)
* Large: 3" round (6 per sheet)
Square, Oval, Star, Heart, Rectangle, Triangle, Square

See more stickers at once by clicking here

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just located - shopkeeper with bee and garden related items.

Many small businesses or hobbyists have wonderful ideas that they would like to incorporate into their bee keeping life. Unfortunately many of us are unable to have these ideas come out as we imagine them, or do not have the time to create products. I will be introducing readers to individuals who are providing ready-to-order items that might come close to what you imagined.

I just located a shopkeeper on Zazzle who has a nice display of bee/honey related items. There are other kitchen and garden related sections to the store also. Please visit AngelCityArt Art Store on Zazzle
to see what is available.

Below is a sample label. Also included in the collection are mugs, stickers, aprons, mousepads, keychains and magnets.
Honey Bee Honeycomb Custom Shipping Labels label

Friday, February 11, 2011

Business cards

 All businesses need to promote themselves.

The most basic item that anyone with a business needs is a business card to hand out to prospective clients. This should have the basic contact information, including: Name of business, contact name, contact number (usually a phone number). Most will have a street address for their location, if you do most of your business over the phone and/or internet, you will need the phone number and a web site address.

Most people will have all of this information on one side of the card, leaving the back blank.
(Click on the images to see the product page and view both sides of the card)
Bus Card - The Pollinators profilecard

  • List services, products, store hours, etc. on one side, with contact information on the other. 
    Beekeeper business cards profilecard 
    The first card shows the business name on one side with the contact information and product list on the other.
    Bee in Indigo - Business Card profilecard
    This second card had hours of operation on the reverse side.
  • Split contact information between both sides
    Sage and Bee Business Card profilecard 
    This card has basic information and one image on one side and a second image with website and business name on the other side.
See more examples at