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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keeping track of your Bee activities.

Whatever hobby, business or activity you pursue, you will probably have to keep track of various things. In today's life of living with computers, many people use spreadsheets and databases to keep organized. Even so, sometimes print and paper is nice to have at your finger tips.

What you may track -
ö - expenses for supplies and travel
ö - number of bees/nucs at beginning of year and their survival rate
ö - number of swarms, when, why they swarmed
ö - quantity of honey gathered per hive
ö - income from selling honey, pollination services, removing swarms, etc.

How you may organize -
ö - as mentioned earlier - using software on your computer - this could be commercial programs geared to the beekeeper, or spreadsheets/databases that you develop yourself
ö - anyone remember index cards? Usually 3x5 inch cards that you organize by topic and file in a shoebox
ö - Bound ledgers or notebooks with lined and columned pages.
ö - Loose leaf binders/notebooks that will accept any page that you hole punch. Hand written logs or journal entries of day to day events. You could even insert printouts of reports from your computer programs.

You might want to make your filing system stand out. Use different colored file folders, boxes, or binders for different activities, months, years, etc. Whatever method you choose to record your information, be consistent. Log your details the same day you observe the event, or receive the shipment, or pay for the item.

Binder - Bee Keeping Records binder
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